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Collaborate To Cure: Momentum 2021
Public lecture series

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Prolonging survival and improving quality of life

Dr. Logan Walsh
GCRC Researcher
Dr. Jonathan Spicer
Clinician Scientist, GCRC Associate
Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Jonathan Durocher
National Bank Financial – Wealth Management
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Paul Sislian
Executive Vice President, Bombardier – Operations and Operational Excellence
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Collaborate to Cure:
Momentum 2020

The GCRC is proud to play a central role in networked, multidisciplinary research by delivering research outcomes supported by advanced technological platforms and highly trained research professionals.

Our Collaborate to Cure: Momentum 2020 efforts are centred in 3 key areas:

Multidisciplinary Research

The GCRC is a core driver in a global ecosystem of clinicians, scientists, engineers, physicists and other health organizations. Through our joint projects and unprecedented collaborations, we are broadening our investigations into the nature of cancer and metastatic disease, and the relationship of inflammation and metabolic factors on patient outcomes.


Within this global ecosystem, the GCRC is delivering research outcomes supported by advanced technological platforms and, in turn, is driving the advancement of these platforms, using:

  • AI’s predictive capabilities to deliver highly personalized treatment strategies.
  • Innovative 3D bioprinting to reproduce tumours from living cells.
  • Multiplex imaging of tumours to better understand the impact of inflammation on cancer outcomes and why immunotherapies fail for some patients.

The GCRC has energized cancer research at McGill, and we have been attracting internationally renowned investigators. To continue to tackle the hardest-to-treat cancers now means recruiting new and interdisciplinary talents and skill sets to drive out-of-the-box thinking and new curative therapies.